Reborn from an abandoned 1930s high school, this state-of-the-art venue seats 725

about the

The Auditorium at the Douglass

The “Pride of the Eastside” Douglass High School

was a center of creativity from 1934 until 1955.

Today it has emerged as a

treasured performing arts venue.

The Auditorium at The Douglass proudly embraces our school heritage and history. The Auditorium’s mission is to bring the legacy forward and play a significant role in OKC’s creative and performing arts by bringing to the community new opportunities for life, arts, culture and education.


he 1930s era auditorium featured operettas, stage shows, big bands, graduations and concerts by nationally-known artists. Douglass High School’s music department was honored on local, regional and national levels for outstanding and unprecedented music and band performances.


From the student body would come legendary musician Charlie Christian, blues vocalist Jimmy Rushing and literary giant Ralph Ellison. Douglass High School hosted such greats as the Jay McShann Orchestra and Duke Ellington and his Cotton Club Orchestra. Civil rights leaders, politicians and cultural leaders along with Olympic athletes and distinguished educators came to address the students and faculty wanting to engage with the school and its leadership that was setting a standard for excellence in education


The Auditorium at the Douglass is equipped with state-of-the-art theater technology and is quickly reemerging as a treasured performing arts venue. The high-fidelity sound system, professional LED lighting system and projection equipment make it an outstanding venue for concerts, theatrical productions, seminars, films and special events